HeySteward Testimonials

Hey Steward, is truly a service that I recommand to my friends and family. By recieving a butler two times a week, I've been able to spend more time in doing what I want to to do such hanging out with friends and going out. The steward I recieved learned how I like my apartment to be kept and made, since then All has been great!

— Samer Hindi B.

With my very own steward, I now have more time for the things that matter the most of me. My Steward has slowly gotten to learn what it is that I like and dislike, and now I feel like I truly have someone I ca trust to take care of my errands. This is easily the best on-demand service I've used, and I can't see how I'd go back.

— James K.

Steward is priced extremely reasonably for what you get. It's a big luxury to have the same Steward each week to help get things done while you're at work.

— Numi E.

Been a while since I have seen my apartment that clean. Finally can bring my girlfriend to my place without having to explain the mess!

— David P.


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