Personal professional butler service

We're a butler service company located in Toronto.

By subscribing to our services, we will help you with your:

Dry Cleaning
Home Cleaning
Shoe Repair
Special Request

Register and get started with an appointment

We will arrange a welcome visit to better understand your lifestyle and daily routines. Before we arrive, we require our customers to provide a copy of their home keys. If you do not have the time for it, we can make one for you. Your keys will be in a safe box and will only be accessed by your Steward on their scheduled days.

You'll organize your errands through your phone.

You can pick what errands you want to be done by simply tapping on or off. You can turn on/off your choice of services depending on your needs. Your Steward will visit you every week!

A team of professionals choose for you

Every Steward will be carefully vetted among highly trained professionals. We only accept less than 10% of our applicants.

Get to know your Steward

You'll get to know your Steward personally and you will be able to evaluate your Steward's performance when you get home. We believe that extended communication between our stewards and customers is the key for a pleasant experience.

Your home exactly how you like it!

Our duty is to provide the comfort and luxury of a personalized butler service right where and when you want it.


We don't share your information with third party.